About Ultra Boost, what should you know?

A week ago in New York, J.P. Morgan’s old bank creating, Adidas right here released its new revolutionary running shoes Ultra Boost, and claimed that this is the world’s strongest road operating shoes. Ultra Boost uppers Adidas original Primeknit weaving technology, the new Ultra Boost midsole and Torsion Method technology, that is Adidas self-confidence that this really is the world’s strongest running shoes factors. Is that absolutely nothing? About Ultra Boost, what need to you understand?

In the conference web-site there is a freezer, utilized to imitate the winter outside environment. In this refrigerator placed Ultra Boost running footwear and a few other brands of flagship running footwear, at minus the temperature, immediately after a period of frozen and after that out, including EVA, Phylon, like the bottom has been fundamentally frozen, and Ultra Boost continues to be inside a soft state.

In contrast to the competition, Adidas didn’t lose momentum, and Adidas ready a set of Aramis 3D scanning systems, which were made use of to test vibration evaluation and durability testing. Ultra Boost’s analysis and improvement method also utilizes Aramis 3D scanning technology to collect a large variety of foot and sports data, which is Ultra Boost for the public road running footwear for a explanation, massive information support to ensure that Ultra Boost can adapt to each and every foot form. In the conference website Marathon globe champion Wison Kipsang wearing Ultra Boost and competitors, the prime flagship operating footwear, in the field with Aramis 3D scanning program for data PK, naturally, PK results in line with Adidas expectations, Ultra Boost multiple information may be grinded Press the opponent’s running shoes.

Speaking of the Torsion Program, it is actually somewhat comparable towards the elevated turbocharging technologies in a lot of of today’s vehicle designs, which Adidas put the anti-torsion method, which was initially placed inside the bottom from the center. The Torsion Technique was entirely implanted in to the midsole of Boost, Boost is thinner to produce Torsion Method smaller, the complete Torsion Program is technically compressed, though the overall smaller, however the density has reached the preceding generation of solutions 2 occasions, so you could make certain the stability from the complete soles at the same time , To improve the movement in the rebound energy.

Lastly, speak about Ultra Boost most important Boost ultimately, this pair of Ultra Boost operating footwear Adidas spent two years for research and development, Boost midsole can also be essentially the most vital within the development process. A Boost in the end includes about 3,000 Boost particles, every Boost particles are extremely versatile, before the Enhance EVA material might be wrapped ultimately, this advantage will be to make Boost a lot more stable, however the new Ultra Boost Ultimately has been removed EVA package, the new procedure to ensure that the stability of the Ultra Boost in the long run doesn’t shed before, as well as provide a much better rebound. Because the whole Ultra Boost in the end of your approach requirements are very complex, so all the present Boost particles are developed in the German factory.

This pair of Ultra Boost running shoes, redefine not just the “world’s strongest running footwear,” the title, but also includes Adidas Boost technology recognition, the future Boost in Adidas operating shoes strategic preparing is definitely the absolute primary force, but also with all the competitors want An essential weapon against it.

Shocked: Adidas Ultra Boost true and fake contrast!

Last year, the highest subject is undoubtedly Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost, but its number at least led to the price tag has been high, at each and every four or 5 thousand people can not afford the burden. And Adidas Ultra Boost due to the superb appearance and functionality, the cost on the folks, plus Kaoyou personally blessing, not just develop into a great substitute Yeezy, its own interest can also be no longer higher. Naturally, such a fantastic shoe will definitely have illegal traders looking to create fake shoes, to seek added benefits! Then we take a look at the true and false Ultra Boost inside the end what exactly is the difference.

1 shoe size, since the size in the size of your shoe box is not exactly the same size and certificate, the size with the label is just about the same so it really is hard to distinguish the authenticity!

2 below to determine the box inside the lid on the little round in the standard would be the imitation of the figure for the following chart would be the following order in the tiny round from the standard font size and high imitation from the font thicker!

three internal moisture-proof paper, genuine moisture-proof paper is matte but reflective and high imitation of Boost moisture-proof paper standard light can not see the reflective light!

four shoes within the genuine shoe toe to handle the extra flat and upturned this higher imitation of this version to perform more than just the toe is just not flat adequate but than ahead of the widespread PT goods have carried out a relatively large adjustment The The entire is slightly upturned.

five tongue of your 3M anti-cursor. Genuine LOGO far more clear material can also be much more thick and high imitation LOGO fairly thick and thin material.

6 upper weave pattern there are some different genuine area of ??substantial tiles robust and high imitation will be the middle in the toe position can also see the location of the blue weaving far more genuine and imitation goods are partial in the middle.

7 toe rubber position, genuine LOGO R letters smaller and clear, and imitation in the three-dimensional sense on the weak R word is also significant!

8 followed by TPU help position, genuine Boost letter is silver plated, metal texture is quite strong, and imitation is the spray of silver-gray paint, Boost letter gloss is not robust sufficient, no plating texture.

9 ultra boost footwear marked correct and false at a glance, but for the novice might not understand how to see the mark!

10 insoles front, genuine size is various, insoles are distinctive size footwear corresponding to the size on the normal, imitation goods due to the fact of taking into account the cost of production, distinct size insoles just stamping out, so no logo!

11 fake ultra boost footwear inside the end on the line, genuine black line, imitation goods for the white line, and also the blue cover with the different drilling!

12 Boost in the end, though the elastic and intuitive feel will not be large, but the genuine Boost material has a smaller particles are left when the molding, imitation should be one of several pressure or fusion, so no such modest particles!

13TORSION System anti-torsion program, genuine English font slightly larger, clear, imitation of your font significantly less smaller, not compact sufficient.

14 Outsole position, genuine rubber is reasonably thin, in order to enhance the foot feel, enhance the stretch and twist, and imitation with the rubber is much more solid, so that the relative increase in put on resistance, but at the expense of comfort.

15 replica ultra boost shoes side of your side on the TPU material (shoelace perforation) to find out the reverse structure, genuine because the front from the prominent 3 and also the best of your compact box is connected with all the TPU two pieces out, so showing a diverse colour and combination of your edge, Imitation since the side is really a whole mold produced so there’s no connection traces.

Adidas released ten pairs of good shoes in China in 2015

10. JS Wings 3.0 Gold

To say the shape, that is to say, that grade, Jeremy Scott this pair of pure gold Wings 3.0 absolutely can be discharged into the first three. The reason why put it in the tenth, just because it is too hard to control after the feet. And now I have not seen on the road was on the feet of this pair of 3.0. Compared to the original release of pure black, this gold is too publicity.

9. ZX Flux X Foss

ZX Flux is Adidas clover from the summer of 2014 to push the shoes, to 2015, coincides with the well-known domestic tide shop Foss Select shop Foss Select opened the first anniversary, so the two sides selected the shoes for a joint cooperation. The name of this pair of shoes is called [MONSTER], designed from the French illustrator Jacques Bardoux FOSS SELECT created for the first anniversary of the shop paintings, the Shanghai landmarks into the ZX Flux vamp design. The only regret is that the sale is too little … …

8. Super Star Gold Label

If you have the impression, we must remember the beginning of this year when the trend in the hype are white shoes. This round of the protagonist of the wave, in addition to the debut of Stan Smith, is the double gold standard Superstar. Perhaps many people love pure black and white classic color, but this pair of gold is no doubt more texture, but also more pick.

7. T-Mac 5 OG

Perhaps a lot of good shoes are not available in China, perhaps a lot of good shoes even in China is not the focus of the brand companies concerned about the market, but the T-Mac series is definitely an exception. The T-Mac 5 OG version of the sale, Adidas not only did not do any reduction (TPU, GeoFit, Torsion, adiPrene are), it is directly to the McGrady to China, Shanghai Huaihai Road brand center and fans to meet The

Excellent pre-publicity, star resources and the quality of the product quality, with the pair of shoes behind the countless classic story, so he became Adidas 2015 best sold out, the best response to one of the shoes.

6. T-Mac 3 Pink

This is a pair of Chinese fans feel proud of the shoes, because it is the color of the creative and the program is by the Chinese tide shoes store Deal to the Adidas headquarters submitted. The only surprise is that the original design had the shoes on the T-Mac logo replaced with a love symbol, but the final brand company or choose to keep the shoes on the T-Mac elements. Nevertheless, this pair of shoes still attract a large number of fans of concern and sought after. It is also the Chinese background of this shoe, let me put it in the fourth place.

5. Tubular X size

It now appears that Tubular will soon become Adidas clover’s top star. Excellent shape is its greatest advantage, which also benefited from it inherited Y-3 gene. In 2015, Adidas has not been forced to promote this shoe, but it has received enough expectations and attention.

And other popular shoes, Tubular also received a lot of joint invitation, in 2015 the most dazzling, is undoubtedly the double red size Joint model. Although many shoes collectors have criticized the major sports brands have launched a red color of the behavior, that is extremely lazy to do so, but still can not cover up the ultimate excellence of this shoe.

4. Supercolor Pack

Philippine and Adidas clover cooperation in fact there is a period of time, but until the spring of 2015 was set off a global climax. Ferguson designed more than 50 colors of Superstar, which in the history of shoes is unique. After the sale of shoes, whether it is instagram or twitter, we all show their favorite color, show their shoes and hats with. Many people worry about the sale of color before the sale will be nobody cares, but the fact that the vegetables radish have their own good, there are still many people love this color and piercing a great feeling. (So ​​there are 50 pairs of shoes here, let them selected together).

3. Stan Smith OG

Ok … to select Adidas 2015 best ten shoes, you can not avoid this pair of green tail white tennis shoes. A lot of friends like Adidas have this feeling: before 2015, often in the Adidas discount store to see a variety of colors, all kinds of upper Stan Smith, it seems that people are not interested, The

However, it’s fire this year. From the beginning of the year to the end of the fire, almost every Adidas shop sell out of stock. Many people through overseas purchasing to achieve their own desire to have it. Although Adidas and the tide brand, tide shop also offer a lot of joint models, but the popularity has always been unable to catch up with the most classic this “green tail”.

But the trend of this matter, come too fast too fast, maybe next year, there will be a new star.

2. Ultra Boost OG

In my many answers, have mentioned this pair of Adidas released “the history of the strongest running shoes.” At present, although everyone in terms of its actual performance is quite micro-speech (mainly on its outsole are not satisfied), but we all recognize this is a pair of “enough tide” sports shoes. Athleisure is currently the global trend, Ultra Boost also catch this ride, by the global influx of people and fashion runners favorable. Even Kanye West also on the feet of this pair of purple heel OG color. So it’s hard to tell how many people are running in it, how many people are wearing it. The only thing that can be confirmed is that it will continue to fire down, Adidas will continue to optimize it.

1. Yeezy Boost 350

In the famous footwear Oscar, that is, Footwear News selected each year the awards, Yeezy Boost 350 no suspense won the annual best footwear awards. With this alone, it is enough to put it in the first place of the list.

Compared to 750 and 950,350 shape more easy-going, the price is more close to the people, the volume is more adequate, more richer color. It is for these reasons, making it the most popular and most exposed shoes in the Yeezy Boost family. Has been on sale for three models, each one is quickly sold out, a shoe is hard to find. According to the card before the sun out of the photos, there are a lot of color worth looking forward to.

About Adidas ultra BOOST running shoes as well as everything you want to know

About BOOST material you want to know everything

BOOST first appeared in 2013 Adidas called “ultra boost” cushioning running shoes, due to the appearance of the air as the rice, in the Fujian market by the shoes circle called “popcorn.” Today, you go to Adidas store can see about one-third of the shoes are used boost material, the price also increased by hundreds of. In the NMD and YEEZY 350 driven by a generation of God shoes.

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Let’s talk about the advantages of BOOST material

At present, the traditional medium-end materials EVA and PHYLON are widely used in various types of sports shoes, due to cheap, mature technology, some foreign brands NB, NIKE, Adidas low-cost shoes are EVA or PHYLON.

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NIKE air cushion and ADIDAS BOOST which is more cattle?

In fact, two kinds of science and technology belong to the same family, are the air to cushion. Air cushion is a large, which are air, and BOOST is a small airbag, equal to the NIKE air cushion split thousands of times. At present the air cushion process is very mature, BOOST process is still in the initial stage, the unit price is particularly expensive, a layer of BOOST material can buy a pair of Anta shoes.

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BOOST Who first invented?

German chemical giant BASF developed in 2007 and sold it to Adidas.

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China has no independent research and development BOOST material?

BOOST more accurate name should be “a thermoplastic polyurethane foam elastomer”, referred to as ETPU, domestic companies are capable of concentrated in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, this area are controlled more than 90% of the domestic foam particles, of which the academic background Well, all over the Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences XX Institute. There are already seven domestic enterprises, independent research and development of BOOST materials, and related intellectual property rights, but the material is very different, to identify good.

Putian BOOST can not buy?

Since the purchase of Putian shoes is fancy that LOGO, no need is true BOOST. If you are particularly concerned about it, then please support Adidas; if you do not want to spend that money, it can only be made and so on.

How many brands are now using BOOST?

Foreign brands 3

The first two Adidas: quite successful; second puma: inventory cargo pressure in Taiwan, do not move; third SAUCONY: the first two with 2 cm thick BOOST, and SAUCONY with 2 mm, no eggs with.

Domestic brands 2

(Jiangsu): some courage, their research and development BOOST particles, performance close to BASF, shoes quality close to adidas, worth to wait


Why Adidas ultra boost is called “the strongest running shoes”?

Also modest attitude might impact your society set Ultra Boost was born in 2015, adidas gave an incredibly high profile call, “the strongest operating shoes” idea from this moment was born. We would like to assume of what is the strongest definition, in truth, lots of people are usually not touched also usually do not dare to mention, you could undoubtedly give such a notion, lots of ingredients from Increase technology mature and development, the other is footwear Face technique utilized adidas top Primeknit weaving technology, passed towards the feet on the direct feelings a lot more like a pair of “socks”.

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Immediately after a year of precipitation, the new generation of adidas Ultra Boost come out, the general shape of your framework have not changed, as well as the most obvious transform is outsole components, the use of the popular horse brand rubber. Within the prior generation of products as a consequence of wear and anti-slip troubles on the concern, in the item made an extremely targeted adjustment and reinforcement.

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Adidas high-profile declared “the strongest operating shoes” we can meticulously taste it, how precisely it is different, together with the difficulty to feel this new step right after the new Ultra Boost. Maybe in order to let replica Ultra Boost and “strongest running shoes” The name in the much more match, from the upper technique after which to the finish with the technology to fill and support the arrangements for the final outsole material choice and compared with all the standard running footwear with some unique sense. In the vamp method point of view cheap Ultra Boost no traditional operating footwear tongue design, but through the entire piece of Primeknit weaving technologies are going to be thoroughly integrated tongue and vamps. So in the perspective of comfort to prevent the regular tongue, upper and feet amongst the 3 discordant aspects. The general upper like a second layer of skin-like texture will probably be operating in the feet to bring an incredibly higher comfort encounter.

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Based on the actual operating state on the feet to consider, using the improve in running distance and running time, the feet will seem to a particular extent, “swelling”, in order that the feet and the upper on the match is bound to seem Problem, then by the Primeknit constitute the upper technique itself includes a powerful ductility, feet inside the no side of the package is often more no cost, can be understood as a pair of far more enhanced socks. Even if the feet inside the course of running a higher degree of swelling, Ultra BOOST’s vamp technique can still fit the feet to adjust, therefore significantly improving the comfort. Entirely avoided inside the conventional operating footwear due to the emergence from the feet in the swelling and the occurrence with the relationship is just not adequate harmony.

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The overall Primeknit uppers framework might be worried about its ability to help the lack of fantastic, through the composition on the upper program to find out in the foot position, arranged inside and outdoors the two TPU support sheet on the foot position to support the reinforcement, in addition, Primeknit technologies Itself features a specific strength and thickness, in the foot position in the TPU reinforcement to meet the overall assistance provided by the upper element with the ability to have a excellent response towards the desires of running the procedure.

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Speak about the support we look in the fake Ultra Boost within the end and followed by the therapy with the heel, followed by the place and constant using the option in the middle from the two separate TPU support tablets, also taking into account the feet after operating there is going to be some “swelling “The predicament, in order to make sure the comfort on the heel position, leaving some margin. Inside the finish with the help, the organic application of the masters of the Torsion System, constant together with the prior, it has not been straight attached towards the surface of Boost, however the equivalent of mosaic in the middle of your middle of Boost, we are able to think about the connection amongst bones and skin The This operation is obvious, since Boost filling an incredible quantity of instability has grow to be so clear. So this raise the height from the Torsion Program, just right to appear in the most ought to be the location. For the Ultra Boost in the body functionality significantly.

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For today’s hot Boost technology, original Ultra Boost may be noticed because the best embodiment of Boost technologies, large capacity inside the finish of the amount, compared to the initial pair of Boost technology running footwear goods Energy Enhance, it Inside the finish from the Boost capacity than the former extra than 20%, the whole application with the Increase technology. Boost’s elasticity, particularly toughness, is the supply of considerably praise, giving a steady stream of energy throughout running. But because of the traits of Increase, soft and tough challenging, but additionally delineated its applicable crowd. It might not be these strong specialist players who favor the objective, indeed adequate to completely meet the long distance operating a superb partner.

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Outsole is definitely the biggest bright spot of this Ultra Enhance, we’ll look at the former, when compared with the common outsole remedy within the wear and tear and grip and anti-slip effect on the students are usually not excellent, which has turn into the initial generation Ultra boost The essential for the lack of the United states. New for the replacement from the outsole material might be mentioned to be welcomed, for wear and grip and anti-skid capability features a important impact, for the whole double Ultra Boost can also be much more ideal.

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In terms of price, the Ultra Boost, which breaks through the thousands of mark, is a relatively high position in running shoes as a pair of operating shoes using a fantastic Boost filling along with a high amount of Primeknit technologies. Its degree of technologies and technologies level, are worthy of decision jogging important merchandise.

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